EST. 1906

Established in 1906, CHICAGO-WILCOX MFG. CO. INC. has been a leader in the cost-effective Manufacture & Supply of OEM/MRO Components for major industries across the US, Canada, Mexico and around the globe.  Innovation, quality, service and uncompromising customer support have been the foundation of CW's continued growth and expansion for the past 100 years.  These core values will continue to be the cornerstone of CW's upcoming expansion into new areas of production and supply for the next 100 years.

Products currently manufactured and supplied by CW include various Components, Gaskets/Seals, Shims/Washers, Custom Molded Shapes, Fabricated parts, Orings and Assemblies/Housings. Material capabilities include a wide range of Metals, Plastics, Rubbers & Synthetic Elastomers, high performance Composites and Exotic blends.

Taking advantage of modern CAD/CAM Engineering software and state-of-the-art 3D Laser part rendering technology, CW's Engineering Support is world-class and actively works in partnership with  customers to both develop new products, and improving existing product designs and performance.

Using only the highest quality raw materials/compounds available, CW utilizes high precision Laser-Cutting, Die-Cut, Stamping, Compression Molding and Fabrication Technologies, to manufacture components that meet the most stringent Quality Specifications. From Automotive Industry CpK standards to Mil-Spec and Aerospace specifications, CW commits itself to meeting or exceeding customer and industry expectations.