CHICAGO-WILCOX manufactures gaskets, seals and custom components using many of the most state-of-the-art materials available today.  These high-performance materials include items such as GRAFOIL® (registered trademark of GrafTech International), which is a flexible graphite flake gasket material with exceptional heat, fire, corrosion and chemical resistance in fluid sealing applications.

CHICAGO-WILCOX also offers CERAMIC FIBER materials specially designed to perform in extreme heat enviroments such as during the manufacturing of glass, metals and aluminum.

  • GrafTech/Grafoil® Graphite Based Materials
  • GRI/Durlon® Flexible Graphite
  • Garlock/Graph-Lock® Graphite Sheet
  • SGL Technic Polycarbon/Sigraflex®
  • Flexitallic/Flexicarb® Graphite Based Materials

To contact CHICAGO-WILCOX call 800.323.5282 or email sales@chicagowilcox.com .