Non-Asbestos Compressed Material for Gasketing

Since the late 1970's, manufacturers of gasket material across the globe have steadily developing an ever wider range of synthetic compressed materials to replace the asbestos based products that dominated industrial applications for the better half of the 20th century.

Advancements in fibers, binders and fillers have lead to non-asbestos compressed materials that exhibit outstanding performance when used to seal against pressure and leakage, and as well as excellent resistance to both chemical and environmental attack.

CHICAGO-WILCOX offers a complete line non-asbestos compressed materials including:


  • GRI/Durlon® Non-Asbestos Compressed
  • Garlock/Blue-Gard® Non-Asbestos Compressed
  • Thermoseal/Klinger® Klingersil® Non-Asbestos Compressed
  • Interface Solutions® Non-Asbestos Compressed